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TV Installation with wire concealment

If you want that picture frame look, you need to have those wires concealed. As you can see from the picture... it's classy and it's a Charleston Home Theater specialty.

Fireplace Installation

Make sure you hire a company that is adept at handling fireplace(tv) installations. Whether you have Brick, drywall, wood or stone; CHT can handle it. *In the case of brick or stone, alot of times wires can not be concealed without some sort of a hollow space. Charleston Home Theater can handle pretty much any request, but sometimes the laws of physics do come into play.

Universal Remote Setup

With all that home theater equipment, you're going to have quite a few remote controls. Let our specialist assist you with the latest universal remotes.

Pre-wiring, Home Automation, Advanced Home Theater: CALL FOR PRICING

Charleston Home Theater started out doing TV mounting, and then expanded into the Home Theater market. From there, we have no traversed into the New Home Pre-wiring market and have an experienced team on hand to meet all of your Audio Video needs. Give us a call for pricing.

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Charleston Home Theater Installation and HDTV Flast screen mounting in Charleston, Daniel Island and Mount Pleasant, SC
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